The Sun

04:12 min – Written, arranged, produced and performed by Amir Sufi. Mixed by Martin Bartscher and Amir Sufi. Mastered by Martin Bartscher. Thanks to Beni Brachtel and Gabriel Hahn. Cover Art by Mayolove.

Look up in the sky, there is no cloud in sight. So let us pack our bags and go outside. Except for the sky noone’s got a reason to be feeling blue. What are you waiting for? Come on, into the car! Pull up at the resort which is not too far. Except for the radio noone’s got a good reason to bang. The sun is shining all day long. So take your towel and bathing robe along. Together we won’t be alone when we’re riding in the sun. Take your makeup off. Put some sunscreen on. Baby, close your eyes. Let the sun tan come. Except for the drinks noone’s got a reason to be cool as ice. Put that 9 to 5 upon the shelf. And we only care about ourselves. Today we’re gonna have some fun when we’re lying in the sun. When the night is falling and the sun goes down. We take our stuff and go to a club downtown. Except for the DJ noone’s got a reason to be standing still. Together we’ll be on the floor. Dancing all night long. Just to see that all the lights are shining like the sun.