Forget About Me

02:42 min – Written and arranged by Amir Sufi. Produced by Amir Sufi and Martin Bartscher. Drums and Electric Guitars played by Martin Bartscher. Bass, Acoustic Guitars and all Vocals played and performed by Amir Sufi. Mastered by Martin Bartscher. Cover Art by Mayolove. Photo by Andreas Hosch.

I got a ring around my finger, cuffs around my wrist. My ankles are tied with manacles. Love has got me into this. Honey it’s a fact that this could never work out fine. As much as I’m attracted, I’m trying to get you outta my mind. Because I’ll never never never never never love you. No matter matter matter how much I wanted to. I’m put under a spell of love eternally. You got to forget about me.

My eyes are seeing through you. My mouth is closed and zipped. My ears don’t listen to your aspirating lips. You take away my senses. Don’t seem to want to know that my love is a life sentence. I’m only released on parole. Therefore I’ll never never never never never kiss you. No matter matter matter matter how much I want this, too. I’m a prisoner of love and I am never gonna be free. I’m begging you forget about me.

No, no, no, it feels so wrong how much you make me wanna play with fire. Yeah, yeah, yeah, please go on! I’m giving up, I’m giving out, I’m giving in to my desire. Still I can never never never never never be with you. Whatever ever ever ever you made me do. I remain the captive that you don’t really want to free. Tommorow you’ll forget about me. But I will not forget about you…