3 Words

04:04 min – Written by Amir Sufi. Arranged by Amir Sufi and Beni Brachtel. Produced by Amir Sufi and Martin Bartscher. String arrangement by Beni Brachtel. Strings played by the Walter Brachtel quartet. Bass played by Heiko Jung. Drums played by Martin Bartscher. Guitars played by Beni Brachtel. All voices and other instruments performed by Amir Sufi. Mastered by Martin Bartscher. Cover Art by Mayolove. Photo by Andreas Hosch.

Baby what’s the matter? After all the things that we’ve been through…how can you still be in doubt about my feelings? What am I supposed to do to ever make you understand? You know that you mean everything to me. I gave you flowers, kisses, diamond rings. I have been there when you were in need of something. But baby you ask me in vain for these 3 words you won’t hear me say. Baby … Baby … Baby … You know it girl. Still you want me to say “I lo…”? You know.

What is the point in making us talk it all over again? Oh, how can you be so tenacious about it? What am I to do to ever really make you understand? You know that I feel lucky beyond belief that of all the women in this world I’ve found you. I do not want no other girl. But baby you ask me again for these 3 words that I just can not say. Baby … Baby … Baby … You know it girl, why you want me to say “I lo…”. You know.

You know I really gave you everything. Together we have been travelling the world – all for you girl! Spend my money on your convenience. I tried to never hide my feelings for you. How can this be not enough to show you I’m in …?

You know, what I don’t say is true. For Julia.