Off the Ground

02:28 min – Based on the Rocky theme by Conti / Connors / Robbins. Lyrics and vocal arrangement by Amir Sufi. Rap by Frank Nitt. Additional drums by Martin Bartscher. Additional bass by Heiko Jung. Produced by Martin Bartscher. Photo by Moritz Welker. Cover Art by Mayolove.

Do you think I don’t know you’d like to see me quit? It seems that you don’t notice who you’re f**cking with. People will know my name anywhere someday. Why you keep setting your sights lower than me? It’s not how big you are, it’s about how good you wanna be! Each single day I’m getting better till I’m getting off that ladder in the sky. Everybody gonna watch me fly. Gonna fly now. Nothing can stop me now. Flying high now. Nobody can bring me down. Cause I’ll be off the ground. Frank Nitt

Hey ain’t that you? What brought you to me in the end? So glad that you was reconsidering my friend. Come let’s walk this way together. I will love you till forever and a day. We can be up and away. Gonna fly now. Nothing can stop us now. Flying high now. Nobody can bring us down. Cause we’ll be off the ground.

Although I know you wasn’t loyal from the start. That just don’t mean that you don’t love me from the heart. After what we have been through I love you. So come on brother take my hand and fly away. Nothing in this world can ever make us stay. You will take care of everything and I’ll sing. Cling, cling.